When a long held goal becomes reality

It’s been such an exciting week with the announcement of the Icon Group’s expansion into China.  Icon has entered into a partnership with Yibai Healthcare to deliver expert radiation oncology services across Yibai’s 4 existing centres, in addition to a new centre currently under design in Guangzhou and multiple other projects under development across China.

Icon Group CEO Mark Middleton signing partnership documents with Yibai Healthcare
Icon Group CEO Mark Middleton signing partnership documents with Yibai Healthcare

While this is the first international activity of the group, it certainly won’t be the last and it’s incredibly fulfilling for Stuart and I to see the ICON strategy conceived 10 years ago in the APHS (as Epic was then known) boardroom reach its final phase.

This slide from a 2012 Powerpoint deck formed part of many presentations Stuart and I delivered on what we saw the future holding, as we moved from operating as a pharmacy provider to day cancer treatment centres through to where Icon Group is today, a comprehensive cancer care business delivering medical oncology, radiation oncology, chemotherapy compounding and pharmacy services to hundreds of thousands of Australians annually.


This week, as Phase 4 is realised and today’s presentations see that slide updated to the version below, we are so appreciative of the incredible group of people who were present at one of those presentations, shared in the vision, and came together to form the Icon Group and turn that slide into today’s reality.

PSA 2016 Presentation UPDATED

We are very clear on our purpose across the Icon Group – our commitment to the delivery of exceptional cancer care.  The fantastic teams who work across our locations throughout Australia live this purpose each and every day, and we are all incredibly excited about the opportunity to expand that exceptional care to the people of China, and then into additional international markets.

It really has been a pinch yourself moment for Stuart and I this week, and we’re so thrilled to be part of a team of people who are absolutely committed to increasing access to life saving cancer treatments not only for the people of Australia, but now beyond our shores as well.


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  1. Well done Cathy and Stuart! Cathy I find myself reading your weekly blogs on a regular basis on social media. For all that you and Stuart have both achieved you are just such humble, grateful human beings…that’s what resonates with me most. So well deserved this, a vision which you have both stuck to and believed in, congratulations to you both!

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