🎉 25 Years of Love and Laughter 🎉

As Stuart and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary I went back and found the post I wrote for our 20th Anniversary and reflected on what’s changed in the past 5 years.   And the summary would be everything and nothing. In 2019 we knew we were in the final mile of life as parents […]

Buying into the buzz on full body MRI’s

I’ve been following the recent buzz about full body MRI’s since a number of high profile people, most notably Kim Kardashian, went public about their experiences. The idea that you can have a scan and get a detailed report on the status of your health, and in particular the presence of potential cancerous tumours has […]

Introducing SpArc Foundation: Igniting Change and Empowering Communities

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter for our philanthropic endeavours. After many years of making a positive impact under the name Epic Good Foundation, we are delighted to introduce SpArc Foundation. This change reflects our family’s ambitions to spark change and inject both assistance and funds into the organizations we support. SpArc […]

How Chemist Warehouse Hospital Pharmacy came to be

Today marks an exciting day in the next phase in our pharmacy careers as we launch Chemist Warehouse Hospital Pharmacy, a joint venture between Chemist Warehouse and Stuart and I. With our issues at Icon in the public domain for some months now – well some of them at least – it probably comes as […]

‘Today Is The Youngest You Will Ever Be’

I posted a picture of this beautiful Ashley Longshore artwork on my Instagram recently, and judging by the reaction it generated the words resonated just as much with so many others as they did with me when I first saw it in New York last year. As a long time admirer of Ashley’s work, I […]

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