Category: Travelling with Google Glass

Vivid Sydney #throughglass

I’ve always wanted to visit Vivid in Sydney, but I’ve never found myself there at a time that coincides with this amazing festival of light. This year I was invited to a function not only during Vivid but on the waterfront with spectacular views of the Opera House, which takes centre stage in the event […]

Officially Obsessed with Cherry Blossom

Our ten-year-old has wanted to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms ‘for his whole life,’ and when this years’ cherry blossom festival coincided with school holidays, we decided this was the year to make that life goal happen. Who knows what will now replace it as his new focus, but given that Tokyo […]

Rabbits & Robots in Harajuku

We’ve never been to Tokyo, and with the cherry blossom festival matching the kid’s school holidays this year, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to deliver on this long held goal. More on the cherry blossoms in an upcoming post — it’s fair to say I have been a little obsessed over them since we […]

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