Introducing SpArc Foundation: Igniting Change and Empowering Communities

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter for our philanthropic endeavours. After many years of making a positive impact under the name Epic Good Foundation, we are delighted to introduce SpArc Foundation. This change reflects our family’s ambitions to spark change and inject both assistance and funds into the organizations we support.

SpArc Foundation takes inspiration from our family office name, Arc31. This new name captures our vision of lighting a spark of hope and transformation within the communities we serve. We believe that by combining our resources, passion, and innovative approaches, we can ignite meaningful change and create lasting impact.

For those who have followed our philanthropic journey, Epic Good Foundation has been an incredible name that has carried us through countless inspiring initiatives. It has symbolized the tremendous good that can be achieved when people come together to make a difference. We will always cherish the memories and achievements associated with Epic Good Foundation, and we remain grateful for the unwavering support we have received along the way.

We are very excited to announce our first endeavour with SpArc Foundation, a partnership with the Usman Khawaja Foundation. SpArc Foundation will donate $50,000 each year to the Usman Khawaja Foundation, as part of a multi-year partnership to help alleviate disadvantage experienced by youth through the provision of educational and cricketing opportunities. Moving from long-term support through raising awareness, it is exciting to become a financial contributor to supporting the aspirations of targeted youth. The Usman Khawaja Foundation’s mission is to assist youth to engage with their local community by developing well-rounded leaders and increasing opportunities for participation in cricket, academic endeavour, social mobility and the development of networks for youth from disadvantaged communities, including new immigrants and refugees.

SpArc Foundation serves as a powerful representation of our commitment to sparking change, illuminating possibilities, and bringing hope to those who need it most.

We are incredibly excited about the future of SpArc Foundation and the opportunities it presents for us to make an even greater impact. Our focus remains on supporting organizations and initiatives that align with our core values of community empowerment, education, healthcare, and social justice.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to sharing our exciting new initiatives and achievements under the SpArc Foundation banner.

SpArc Foundation Chair Heather Watson with Usman Khawaja and Stuart Giles

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