Easter in NYC

Spending the Easter break in New York has become a family tradition, and while there are some things that are annual must-do’s (5th Ave Easter Parade, Easter Bunny bringing Reese’s pieces eggs, visiting the Easter display in Rockefeller Plaza & its freaky plant rabbit) each year we try and find something new and different to add to the mix.


This is never a huge challenge given the myriad of options on offer in the city that never sleeps, with a favourite in previous years being the Faberge egg hunt, which has now spawned a new tradition of a pre-Easter visit to Faberge to view the latest collection  in the hope that the Easter Bunny might see his way to popping one into his basket alongside Sam’s Reese’s pieces egg.

This year I found something a bit different online, Full Bunny Contact extreme Easter egg hunting.  It sounded like fun, so we headed down to the lower east side to check it out.  We laughed ourselves silly as we worked through the range of crazy activities, from the kids locked in a cage with athletic bunnies trying to gather as many eggs as they could in 40 seconds while the bunnies did their best to up-end their collection bowls,

img_2053 img_2059

egg and spoon races with crazy bunny obstacles trying to jiggle the egg out of the spoon mounted to your helmet,

img_2077 img_2073

and attempting to hit toy mice pitched by a rabbit with a bunny bat through the holes in the cut out bunny fielders to win a prize.


Definitely one of the crazier Easter activities we’ve taken part in, but lots of fun and we’ll be looking out for it again next year for sure.

I loved the 5th Ave Easter Parade last year, so packed my bunny hat this year to join in the fun, albeit in a far more subdued way than the majority of the crowd!


There was all manner of crazy headwear on display, from the obligatory Easter-themed numbers

img_2389 img_2415-1 img_2423-1

to the many who had taken their inspiration from spring blooms

img_2403 img_2388 img_2357

along with those who had sourced their design courtesy of  the city itself.

img_2377 img_2379 img_2369

Photographers were out in force, with lots of mutual hat snapping going on!


One enterprising sales woman was capitalising on people’s desire to be part of the action, with a table set up on the side of the street selling her creations.


With so much negativity in the world at present it was lovely to see people from many different countries coming together to share in the fun and wish each other Happy Easter.

There was one moment that struck fear into the hearts of the kids though – Stuart spotted this matching family of hat wearers and announced surely that was the perfect next box to be ticked on his family dress up bucket list!  It’s going to be a nervous year ahead….




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