It’s time to get even more Epic!

Since we rebranded to Epic Pharmacy group in September, we’ve been absolutely delighted with not only the external reaction to our new brand, but the incredible level of energy and invigoration it has created in a team who were already pretty high achievers!

For many years this team has eaten up every challenge Stuart and I have thrown at them, from successfully delivering on the integration and implementation of new sites and new contracts in incredibly tight time frames, to moving out of our traditional business activities into specialised fields such as manufacturing.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a minute to watch this recent video which perfectly illustrates the spirit and culture of our Epic people.

Back in 2008 one of the goals we set was to join forces with the oncologists we were delivering pharmacy services to, and together create a national network of private cancer care day hospitals. This led to the formation of the business which is today known as Icon Cancer Care.

We’ve continued to have a close relationship with Icon since it transitioned to a separate stand-alone business.  Our pharmacy teams supporting the Icon day hospitals moved across to become part of Icon, and our shared services teams have continued to play a role in supporting the corporate service needs of the Icon business.

Stuart and I are excited to announce it’s time for the two businesses to move back to working even more closely, and we’ve accepted an offer to see this happen more formally in 2015.

In 2014, Quadrant Private Equity invested significantly in Icon Consolidated Holdings (ICH), who own Icon Cancer Care. Quadrant share our vision to build a healthcare company that plays a really significant role in delivering high quality services to the Australian community. With the recent acquisition of Radiation Oncology Queensland adding radiation oncology services into the ICH portfolio, we’re really excited to have our hospital, oncology and aged care pharmacy services become the next addition to this comprehensive healthcare offering.

Becoming part of the expanded ICH Group backed by one of Australia’s most successful private equity firms, Quadrant Private Equity, we will have access to additional resources to fuel the continued growth and expansion of our pharmacy service model at a time when opportunities for the Epic Pharmacy service we deliver will continue to expand, both in Australia and overseas.

This decision will have very little impact on our current day-to-day Epic Pharmacy operations, with ownership of the pharmacies in the group completely unchanged and our existing Executive Team continuing to lead us through the Epic rebranding and beyond.

What it will provide is an outstanding growth platform for our Epic people to channel their hunger for expansion and new challenges into, and we are so excited to be able to provide this opportunity for them and to work with them to deliver on it.

The past two weekends have seen us have the opportunity to catch up with so many of our teams from around the country at the Epic Christmas parties, where we have all had a great time celebrating what has been a truly epic year.

With this announcement, and the rapid progress we are making with the development and introduction of our new Epic Digital products, we are super confident 2015 is going to be even more Epic!


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