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In an increasingly digital world, story telling will remain a key business skill

One of the real benefits digital technologies deliver to business is the continual enhancement of their ability to tell a story. That was one of my key takeaways from the recent Fortune Brainstorm Tech event held in Aspen Colorado. The other was the need to make sure your business has a great data storage strategy, […]

Are you the weak link for your brand?

I’m incredibly fortunate to find myself now spending a lot of time travelling around the world looking at where our next opportunities are coming from, and how we can take inspiration from the things I see or experience in other industries and apply those learnings to our own business activities. Far more of those experiences […]

A masterclass in branding at #diorcruise

Creating a strong brand narrative and identity is a real business imperative, and this week I was fortunate enough to experience what was a master class in branding at the Dior Cruise Collection in London. There was a beautiful blend of old and new content delivery styles, from the beautiful hand drawn illustrations on the […]