So what’s Epic Pharmacy actually doing with Google Glass?

I’ve written about my enthusiasm for Google Glass as an enterprise and workplace tool on a number of occasions, and I thought it’s time to share some insights around what we are actually doing with Glass at Epic Pharmacy.

Initially all of our use cases involve working with Glass at Work partner Pristine. The Pristine technology enables secure HIPAA compliant video connection between a wide range of devices, including Glass, and we are deploying it in a number of settings, including the telepharmacy scenarios I have written about previously.

From a Glass perspective, we are using the core Glass competency of hands free, line-of-sight vision capture to connect our teams in ways that better enable them to do their work.

In conjunction with our sister business Icon Cancer Care, we are working on protocols that sees team members whose role involves the preparation of chemotherapy wearing Glass while working in the reconstitution hoods, connecting them to those outside of the clean space. This enables them to consult and communicate with other team members without needing to take the time consuming processes required to exit their environment. It also delivers visibility of what they are working on and their technique, providing a great opportunity for real-time interactive training and assessment.

IMG_3803.JPG recon techrecon

Glass also provides a great way to keep our pharmacists connected to the dispensary when they are out on their ward rounds. One of our key goals is to see our pharmacists able to spend as much time as possible interacting with patients and hospital staff, but the need to provide advice and input to colleagues can see some of our most experienced team members logging plenty of steps each day as they race to and from the wards and the dispensary. The ability of Glass to deliver a visual connection to the dispensary will mean more time is able to be spent on the wards, making positive contributions to patient care and facilitating inter-professional collaboration.


Workshopping these initial use case scenarios has seen countless others present, and we’re sure even more will open up once we start demonstrating these initial options to the various healthcare organisations we work with. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our progress!

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