Leaders can be any age

Today our daughter Sascha turns 13, and while Stuart and I are always very proud of both her and her brother Sam, today we are especially proud.

Sascha told us a couple of weeks ago she wanted to donate her birthday to Girl Up, and created a page where her family and friends could donate instead of buying her birthday gifts.  

She and her friends are passionate about the work Girl Up does in ensuring that all girls, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe and counted and she felt donating her birthday provided a great chance to raise funds that could benefit those who don’t have the same opportunities her life provides.

We are so proud of the way she is choosing to live her life, and that she understands the importance of contributing to society not only locally but at a global level.  Stuart and I have told her we will match the money she raises $ for $, so if you would like to support her please donate here knowing that anything amount you donate will be matched by us, doubling the benefit to girls in developing countries.



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