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I had seen Cecilia Abadie demonstrate LynxFit at the Wearable Tech Expo in LA last December, so was super excited to find it was now available as Glassware last week.

The weekend provided the idea opportunity to try it out, so I charged up my Glass, selected the workout styles I wanted to try and away I went.


First up was a HIIT (high intensity internal training) session, which had quick video demonstrations of each exercise before counting  through performing 10 reps in a maximum time of 30 seconds. I had some problems with Glass just not recognising some reps, particularly the pushups, so I ended up doing way more than 10 reps in the 30 seconds but getting credit for none! The leg based exercises all counted fine though, it seemed to be just push ups and sit ups where the issue arose – and maybe that’s just telling me I need to work more on my technique on those.


Next, I tried the running training, where I quickly discovered that I’m not quite ready for the Intermediate LynxStride Run but past the C25K version, so that gives me something to aim for. I only tried this on the treadmill, so am looking forward to taking it outdoors.


I wrapped up with the 7 minute workout, which saw similar issues with push up counts (maybe it is my technique??) but other than that was a very effective way of working out.

Like all things Glass, the real benefit lies in having the information presented right before your eyes at the time that you need it, with no need to be constantly pulling out your phone and scrolling through to the next exercise.

The failure to count some reps was a little annoying, but at the same time ending up doing three times as many push ups and sit ups could potentially be seen as a value add! I’ll definitely be incoporating LynxFit into my ongoing fitness routine with the goal of chasing down a higher rating from that smiling Lynx.

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