My first big Glass fail

I had my first big Google Glass fail when I took it along to the Haviana Thong Challenge at Mooloolaba on Australia Day. I was having lots of fun testing out the features, getting used to taking pictures, and as always, answering lots of questions about Glass and giving demonstrations.

While most things went along smoothly, I made the unfortunate discovery that the voice recognition aspect of Glass is not foolproof — or maybe it just doesn’t always understand an Aussie accent…

I took this photo of Stuart and the kids with their big inflatable thongs (flip flops for US readers!), with me giving a big thumbs up in front of the camera.


The intended caption for my Facebook post of this photo was ‘Happy Australia Day.’
But, that’s not what Glass heard.

Imagine my horror as this lovely family picture was sent straight to Facebook with the very different caption of ‘Hope you all die’!!!

After a quick scramble to delete the post before anyone saw it (although I later found out a few people had), my feedback to the Glass team would be that tapping to accept a caption before posting, rather than the autopost function that can only be interrupted by a desperate finger swipe, might be a useful process change!

It seems people have found this story amusing as it even made the Sunday Mail: 


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  1. I like the way you say, ‘my first Google glass fail!’ Too funny. I can imagine the despairs tigon trying to delete!!

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