Resuming the quest

My Supercars quest resumed post the weekend in Yorkshire with the absolutely cracking spotting of this fully gold Ferrari.

 The next two days at the cricket at The Oval caused another pause (how on earth did Stuart lure me into a trip that involved 4 days out of 6 spent at the cricket???), but conscious that time was ticking down and I still hadn’t spotted that purple suede Roller  the quest continued with a heightened degree of urgency.

It’s an odd state of affairs when you find yourself getting blase about another Bugatti Veyron – although I did manage to get a picture of the maroon & cream one without its regular accessory, the parking ticket attached to the windscreen in recognition of its owners penchant for double yellow line parking locations.


On our last morning in London I headed for the ultimate Supercar parking lot, the front of The Dorchestor hotel.  There were no shortage of options, with the red & silver Rolls Royce a new sighting

  and even better, an i8 deemed worthy of joining the line up! (I still prefer blue though..)

I never did track the purple suede option down, but here’s an Instagram post that proves it does exist, and at one point was only just around the corner from the hotel we were staying in. So close……

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August 29, 2015

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