Racing in Dubai

Last weekend we headed to Dubai to meet up with friends who had a horse running at the Dubai World Cup race meeting.


Of course I packed Glass, but must admit, I was a little uncertain about how it may be received and so I prepared to be super conservative in my use. It turned out to be an unfounded concern as surprisingly no one even gave it a second look. It was a Glass-wearing first for me!

Like everything in Dubai, Meydan racecourse is super-sized and included a full sound stage for the J-Lo concert that was being held there straight after the racing!


Racing without any gambling created a really different atmosphere, with nowhere near as much crowd engagement as would be typical at an Australian racetrack.

As evening fell, the lights came on & my first ever night racing experience started!


In addition to the event being held at night, a key difference to a typical Australian racing experience was the ‘halftime’ entertainment of fireworks  & dancing robots!

[S3_embed_video file=”wp-content/uploads/2014/06/fireworks.mp4″]

We were there to watch Twilight Eclipse run and it got more and more exciting as Race 8 drew closer.


An added bonus was that we could go down to the parade ring and get up close to the action and the horses before they hit the track.



The horse didn’t win, but what an amazing event to be part off! Plus, it was a great opportunity to visit one of the largest and most modern racetracks I’ve ever seen.



All, as always, made easier to capture wearing Glass.


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