Feeling like a princess at the Bubble Palace

Relocating a fashion show from one continent to another on a few weeks’ notice is a not insignificant logistical exercise, so when Dior announced they were moving their Cruise show from LA to Cannes, it had to be for something pretty special.

I had no problem justifying a quick trip to LA  I could combine with some work meetings, but the South of France was going to present a bit more of a challenge. The team at Dior assured me that while the actual location was still top secret, it was going to be a completely unmissable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The thought of watching on Instagram knowing I could have been there made the decision easy.

Other commitments meant I could only be on the ground in Cannes for 24-hours, read all about that here, so I packed my (carry on) bag — that in itself was a new experience for someone who prefers to make full utilisations of the outfit options that 32kg of checked baggage allowance delivers — and boarded the series of three planes to get me to Cannes.

The venue was announced a couple of days before I left, Palais Bulles, the Bubble Palace of Pierre Cardin. A quick spot of Googling revealed a set of amazing images, and I couldn’t wait to experience a show in such an incredible location.
As always, Dior delivered a fabulous customer experience, from the moment we arrived at the beautiful hotel to the fleet of cars waiting to transport us up the winding cliff roads to the venue.

As soon as we walked through the gate, the most amazing set of views unfolded, with the incredible architecture offset by the stunning views of the Mediterranean behind. Truly a ‘pinch yourself’ moment.

Never have I been more grateful for the fact  fashion shows never start on time, as it gave plenty of time to wander around exploring; the infinity pool, the porthole windows, the round doors — we were all just running around snapping photos like schoolgirls!

IMG_5144.JPG IMG_5145.JPG IMG_5146.JPG IMG_5151.JPG

Then it was time for the show proper, and while I suspect we were all so blown away by the beauty of the location it wouldn’t have mattered what the models were wearing, the reality was the looks more than lived up to the occasion. Beautiful fabrics that pushed technological boundaries, stunning cuts and outstanding new accessories. Raf has delivered yet again.

IMG_5165.JPG IMG_5171.JPG IMG_5182.JPG IMG_5183.JPG IMG_5179.JPG IMG_5170.JPG IMG_5177.JPG

All too soon it was over and time for the car to whisk me down the hill to the airport to fly home, filled with the most amazing memories of an afternoon feeling like a princess in a bubble palace.


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May 11, 2015

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  1. Cathie loved your tribute to your Dad. Very sad . I also lost my Dad when he was 57. He missed out on all the weddings and births ect. Your point about changing the oil in your car hit home because that was exactly what me Dad loved to do .
    He fashion show was out of this world. Thank you for sharing. Kate b

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