What I’ll be wearing to space!

I’m always all about the outfit, so it won’t come as any surprise that I was beyond excited for last week’s reveal of the Virgin Galactic space suits. It was doubly exciting as Stuart and I were on Necker Island with a bunch of fellow Future Astronauts, so we all watched the reveal together via a livestream from the event in New York.

It started off with beautiful dance choreography with dancers wearing what will be our training suits, then moved into an incredible indoor acrobatic flight simulation with the performers wearing the flight suit.

Image Credit Virgin Galactic

The apparel was all designed by UnderArmour, and as you would expect has a focus on technology driven performance and comfort.

We got an up close look the following day when Richard returned from New York and gave us a preview at a beach front bar in the BVI!

I particularly enjoyed being able to see the personalisation details of the space suit up close – there’s a patch on each arm, one for your nationality patch and one that is very cool, which has the names and signatures of the six people on your flight along with an amalgamated image of their irises,

lots of pockets to take small personal items, a transparent pocket for photos of loved ones that sits just over your heart,

and space to write your own personal mission statement directly below Stephen Hawking’s powerful words about the power of space travel.

I loved the boots with the VG flight totem emblazoned in gold up the side.

The entire outfit looks fantastic, and I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to wear mine when that time comes – in the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy the myriad of great experiences that the Virgin Galactic team continue to deliver on the journey to the journey!

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