What do kids see #throughglass ?

One of my favorite things about being a  Glass Explorer is seeing peoples’ reactions when they try Glass for the first time.

It is really difficult to imagine how information can be clearly visible on such a tiny screen until you actually try Glass on and experience it, and you can always tell when they are looking in the right spot by the expression that occurs. Unfortunately, what is usually captured is not the beautiful look of awe and wonder on their faces as the potential of this type of technology hits them, but quite awful close ups of me  as they try out the camera function!


Unsurprisingly, kids are always particularly keen to try Glass, and I find  generally far more intuitive in navigating through the cards and functions than adults.

The kids in Lockhart River were no exception and had a great time running around taking pictures of each other and anything else that took their fancy. I’m moving more slowly than usual at the moment, courtesy of my crutches,so it was only when I got home and back to my WiFi connection that I was able to see all of the pictures and videos they took.



Not only had they well and truly mastered taking pictures, they  also figured out how to take videos and extend the filming and how to create vignettes; all without asking me a single question. I can’t even imagine what they would have come up with if they’d had a data connection!

They loved showing their parents and the elders who were present and told them all about how it works & what they would do with Glass when they got their own, which all of them were very confident would happen one day! I guess when you’ve grown up in the smartphone era, tech is just part of everyday life regardless of whether you live in a city or a remote community in Far North Queensland.


Like all of the children who have tried my Glass, using it at school was the first thing they thought of. This is usually closely followed by how they could take photos of themselves playing sport (particularly for boys), but not too many city kids follow up with the suggestion that Glass would be a great way to take a picture of a crocodile if you saw one when out fishing!

A couple of days after I got home this autoawesome video appeared which had mashed up some of the photos & videos the kids had taken. While it’s a great summary, I wish it had included a couple more seconds of footage where the boys grandmother breaks into a beautiful beaming smile as she listens to his explanation about Glass and how much fun he is having using it.

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  1. That’s gorgeous. Brilliant the kids got to meet Glass. Wonder if the school can out a pair in the IT Budget!! Tell the Principal to… 😀
    Loved my time in the bush. Seeing this brings back a lot of memories.

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