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Mind blown in Mojave

Next stop on our Virgin Galactic itinerary was a visit to the Mojave Desert in California, where both Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company’s build and testing operations are located. After driving out from LA we met up with the VG team (who were feeling like family by this stage) and some of the future astronauts […]

To Infinity and Beyond

I’ve been fortunate enough to  receive some pretty good Christmas gifts in my time, but I honestly can’t remember one which is more exciting than this years’.  Stuart has been extremely smug for quite some time about having Christmas well covered this year, and a few weeks ago he had to come clean on his […]

Space Oddity – Commander Chris Hadfield #throughglass

When Commander Chris Hadfield was in space and posting images of the world  from the International Space Station on social media, my son Sam and I loved following his incredible pictures and adventures. When we heard he was coming to Australia for a special show for Science Week, the same week as Sam’s 10th birthday, we booked […]