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The Quest for the #BigFive

After a great stay at Giraffe Manor it was time to start our quest to see Africa’s Big Five in real life, admittedly after clarifying an initial issue where I told the kids the hippo was one of them, and they insisted it wasn’t and quickly invoked the ultimate authority – Google – to prove […]

The Quest Continues

At Solio Lodge we’d ticked lion, rhino and water buffalo (still in my mind the pretender of the group) off the list and knew we would have no trouble finding elephants on the Mara. (Despite seeing the baby elephants in Nairobi a few days prior we needed to see them in the wild before they […]

The best place imaginable to spend World Giraffe Day

After a fantastic morning with the baby elephants, it was time to move to the place that driven the entire itinerary, Giraffe Manor.  Stuart and Sascha had watched a documentary that featured Giraffe Manor years and years ago, and it’s been on their bucket list ever since.  As soon as we found out this year’s […]