Sunset on the Highline

The New York Highline is one of our favorite places to visit in New York, and we love how it changes with the seasons. The experience is different every time, depending on the weather and the season. 

On this latest trip we  arrived in the city late in the afternoon on a beautiful sunny fall day, and as the sun started to go down and colour the sky all shades of pink we decided to jump in a cab & shake off the flight with a walk along the Highline before dinner. 

We decided to start at the north end and make our way down, & got there in time to enjoy the very last of the sunshine. 

As we strolled along the setting sun hitting the buildings gave them quite a different look to the daytime experience. 

There were no shortage of people enjoying the walk with us,

and as darkness fell the view back towards the city lights got more and more spectacular. 

The view towards the Hudson was equally good, with the rosy pink sky highlighting the structures that make up the skyline of both New York & New Jersey.


All in all a beautiful way to kick off our visit, & a very different way of seeing this lovely part of the city. 


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