Running for a Reason

We’ve had the absolute privilege this week of spending time with a wonderful young man who is running for some truly Epic reasons.  Zibeon Fielding is an Indigenous man from the remote community of Mimili in the A.P.Y lands of far north South Australia. He’s a graduate of the Indigenous Marathon Project, running the New York Marathon in a super impressive 3.28 in 2016.

Now Zib’s running Boston Marathon next month, but rather than being the end goal, it’s just part of his training program for the main event – a 62km Ultra Marathon in Outback Australia.  Zib’s running with a purpose, he wants to raise $50 000 to assist in funding the first remote dialysis machine in the A.P.Y. lands so the Anangu people don’t have to continue to relocate to Alice Springs or Adelaide for treatment.

When Rob de Castella, former Olympic marathoner and founder of the Indigenous Marathon Project, reached out to Stuart to ask if he would be prepared to mentor Zib in the lead up to Boston, Stuart didn’t hesitate for a moment.  With such close similarities in purpose between Zib’s goal and Icon Group’s belief in the importance of delivering care as close to home as possible, it was clear this was a great fit.

Zib’s been training at home, battling through 40-45 degree heat while dodging snakes and dingoes, and must have found joining Stuart and his fellow Epic Good runners on the river loop in Brisbane this week a literal walk in the park by comparison!

We had the great pleasure of hosting Zib and Rob at a gathering at our home during the week, where Zib shared his story and Rob spoke about why the marathon provides such a life changing experience for those who run it.  You could have heard a pin drop as Rob spoke about the purpose that ultimately drives all marathon runners, and how it’s the only thing that keeps you going post the 30km mark when your fuel sources are spent, your body has been pushed to it’s limits, and the power of your mind is the only thing that gets you through that last 12km.

Not everyone’s purpose is as absolutely definitive as Zib’s, but it’s clear that’s what is driving him to push through the hardships and we have no doubt whatsoever that he’ll achieve his goal – not only of running Boston, but going on to complete his ultra marathon and deliver funding for the dialysis machine.

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to spend time with Zib this week and we’re incredibly proud to be able to support him in his epic adventure.  If you’d also like to support Zib and his community you can donate via the link here, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on his progress.

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  1. Hi Cathie, would you be able to send me Zibeon Feilding‘s contact please. I would like to offer something “small” to assist his venture.
    Darryl Hughes

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