One step closer to space

I could not have been any more excited to wake up this morning to the news that Virgin Galactic had successfully completed the first free flight of VSS Unity.

Image credit Virgin Galactic

This is an important milestone on the journey towards consumer space travel, and must have been such a wonderful moment for the teams at both Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company – they looked so excited in the video up on Facebook! ┬áThis is the first vehicle which has been built by The Spaceship Company, and we loved the opportunity to see the spaceship and meet the team, including the Aussie General Manager Enrico Palermo, in Mojave in September.

Aussies in Mojave – us with Enrico and Astronaut Relations team member Phoebe

The diagram below shows the steps in the testing program, and the steps still remaining before passenger flights commence.

Image credit Virgin Galactic

There’s still a number of test phases to be completed before myself and my fellow Future Astronauts get to space, but today marked a significant step closer and I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement this morning! As always Virgin Galactic did a brilliant job of making us feel connected to Mojave no matter where we are in the world, and had these magnificent images in circulation almost as soon as the spaceship touched down.


Image credit Virgin Galactic
Image credit Virgin Galactic




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