My first Dior Homme show

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a number of Dior Women’s shows, but this week I had the chance to be Stuart’s plus one at the Dior Homme SS18 show in Paris. 


Given it was a men’s wear show, my planned outfit choice was a tailored top and pants, but unfortunately a day in the Paris sunshine where I’d seriously underestimated the strength of the northern hemisphere rays put paid to that plan…..

I’ve never been more pleased to not have mastered the art of packing light as I hunted through my bags for other options. This gorgeous top from Cruise collection a couple of years ago provided the perfect cover up for my poor red shoulders, with the added bonus that the mesh allowed the heat they were radiating to pass straight through!

Sam joined us for a pre-show lunch at L’Avenue, looking super sharp but more than a little salty when he discovered that our seats were in close proximity to some of the NBL players attending, making his earlier decision to stay at the hotel for a chilled out afternoon while we went to the show a little less appealing!

We arrived at the Grand Palais where the show was being held, where for the first time ever at a fashion event I found myself in the minority as hoards of fashionably dressed guys substantially  outnumbered their female counterparts. 

With our good friend Roman from Dior
Another good friend from Dior, Andres from Dior Homme NYC

Indoors we could immediately smell the fresh grass which covered the floors and formed the runway, juxtaposed with sparkly black fringing hanging from the ceiling. 

This picture made me giggle, as one of the reasons Stuart’s sporting energies had focused on cricket rather than basketball was made clearly apparent as he stood next to Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks. 

Once they sat down the playing field leveled out, and they had a good chat while the crowd waited for the show to start. 

A sudden flurry of activity flagged Karl’s arrival, and the music started as the show got underway with a cracking playlist  including Depeche Mode and REM. 

There was a strong branding and logo presence in many of the looks, but executed in a super cool way that made me call dibs on a couple of pieces for myself before Stuart got the chance to claim them.

I loved this sleeveless top with its orchid embroidery and could definitely see myself  wearing it,

which was further reinforced when we had the chance to visit the showrooms the day after the show and see the pieces up close. The detail was beautiful, as you can see below in this image from Vogue Runway, and I can’t wait to team this with black skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. 

The other piece that I had been keen to see up close was this coat that looks pinstriped, but when you see the detail the stripes are actually the Dior Homme atelier address. 

No need to be concerned for Stuart though, there were more than enough pieces that appealed to him to mean he had no concern with me calling dibs on these two. 

Thanks to Dior for another amazing experience, and I can’t wait to do it all again next week in what will be another first for me, the Women’s Couture show. 

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