It’s time to board the Arc

Welcome to the first of our Arc31 Pharmacy Management team hires, Ellisha Vas, joining as Operations Manager. We’ve known and worked with Lish for many years and in many roles, and a bit like us she’d decided a while ago that maybe her time in pharmacy was done and she would explore something different.

Again, a bit like us, that didn’t pan out in the way she’d expected so when we heard she was looking at what the next stage of her career would look like we were very keen to chat. 

Lish ascribes to everything that we believe in at Arc31. She’s demonstrated for years her commitment to nurturing talent and breaking the boundaries around what’s possible in the design of innovative pharmacy service models, always underpinned by a steadfast commitment to patient care and proactive partnerships with the healthcare organisations we work with. We’re so excited to see what we can do together in this next step in her stellar career.

It doesn’t stop there! Arc31 have two additional roles live in market for a Chief Pharmacist and a Finance Manager. We’ve got big plans and are building momentum, so if you want to be part of the team from lift-off we can promise it’s not going to be a dull ride as we head onwards and upwards

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October 09, 2022

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