Introducing Alice

When I was at Dell’s DWEN conference in July I said Hello to Alice for the first time, as her founders Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, two fabulous female entrepreneurs whom I knew from previous DWEN events, introduced their new artificial intelligence platform for entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth & Carolyn presenting at DWEN. Image credit Dell

Alice connects entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow and scale their business based on their individual needs and requirements initially determined by the profile they create.  However the platforms machine learning capability also quickly allows Alice to increasingly personalise the information delivered, predicting the unique needs of each entrepreneur and providing content tailored  to match.

I loved the idea, and quickly jumped online and created an account while Carolyn and Elizabeth were still on stage.  (Here’s the link if you’re intrigued and want to do the same while reading this!)

The user experience was great, I loved the concept and the thinking behind it, and could also see the huge potential Alice had in democratising access to information, opportunities, knowledge and connections to those many entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs who aren’t able to physically participate in events at start up hubs and communities.

Carolyn and Elizabeth and I got chatting, one thing led to another, and now I’m thrilled to be an investor in their first equity based funding round as announced at Tech Crunch Disrupt today.

You can say hello to Alice yourself here, read the media release around the raise here, and I’d love to hear what you think of Alice as you get to know her too.


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