Halloween Fun

Last year we found ourselves spending Halloween across multiple time zones so decided a ‘Where’s Wally’ theme was the perfect fit as we dashed across the globe.

The clock first clicked over to October 31 while we were in the lounge in Hong Kong airport, so we slipped into our outfits and grabbed a quick pic in the lounge before switching back into more traditional travelling gear to board the flight to New York.


Once we were airborne we couldn’t resist a mid air Halloween shot to add to the collection, which gave the hostess quite a surprise when she came back to clear the meal!


Next stop was New York, where we arrived in plenty of time to jump back into the costumes, switch identity to Waldo as he’s known in the US, and head out to join in the Halloween fun.



We headed down to Alphabet City, where a friend owns a restuarant, met another friend there for dinner and had a ball checking out all of the other costumes on display – including a doppelganger Where’s Waldo who kept racing back and forward past the window.

20141031_233520_358 IMG_2606

First thing the next morning we headed to Necker Island to join the rest of the Changemakers group, and while it was no longer October 31 when Sir Richard says it’s a Halloween party its a Halloween party regardless of the date!


We added another Wally to the mix for the costumes final outing and partied up a storm


before heading back in our buggy, content in the knowledge that we couldn’t have done better on a cost per wear basis for these little polyester numbers.


What will this year’s Halloween involve? ¬†All will be revealed in a few more hours…..




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