An Iconic Move

It’s been a really exciting time as Icon Group’s expansion into Asia continues to gain momentum.  Our recent acquisition of Singapore Oncology Consultants has not only given us the opportunity to work with a fantastic new team in Singapore, but is opening the door on a whole range of additional opportunities.  We recently welcomed a delegation from Yibai Healthcare to our Brisbane office, and we’re looking forward to working with them to deliver much needed radiation oncology services across a significant number of regions throughout China.

All of this activity has seen Stuart spending more and more time on planes of late, and this has culminated in him assuming the role of Founder and Chairman of Icon Asia which will see him based in Singapore from October.  The kids and I are incredibly excited about this fantastic opportunity for him, we’ve seen how much he’s enjoyed working with the teams there and know he’s going to be living his deal-making dreams!

Our family is no stranger to the concept of one of us relocating for work.  Stuart and I got engaged when I was based in Sydney and he was in Melbourne, and I moved to Perth and commuted to Brisbane for four and a half years just two weeks after Sascha started Prep.  Stuart was the ‘man on the ground’ on the home front during those windows, and I’ll very happily take my turn now as it’s time for him to take up residence in Singapore.  Watch out kids, it’s the end of the ‘holiday dad‘ era, ‘the enforcer’s‘ going to be ruling the roost now!

Another big plus is that we absolutely love visiting Singapore, and are looking forward to it becoming our second home during school holidays and weekends, just as Perth did. He also won’t be a stranger to Brisbane, his ongoing Icon board role will seem him back here regularly to meet with the team and fill them in on what the next visa applications they need to get underway are!

Technology also makes keeping connected so easy these days.  It’s hard to remember that FaceTime wasn’t even thought of when I was based in Perth!  We’ve been virtually attending the apartment inspections with him (yes Sam, the room with the view of Sentosa Island can be yours) and we’ve all joined What’s App and WeChat – how good are the WeChat gif emojis, they leave the standard emjoi suite in the shade!

The view from our new Singapore pad!
We’re incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to travel and spend time in variety of places and cultures, as are our kids.  We really believe that the exposure to different locations and ways of doing things is a strong contributor in helping them develop into people with a passion for making a difference.  Sascha has been involved with Girl Up for some years now, and it’s been wonderful to now see Sam working hard for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in the lead up to Book Week.  This epic, iconic life we’re living has opened up a world of opportunities for us as a family, and I can’t wait to see what this next chapter delivers.

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