An Assured Future

We’ve never generated more data than we do today, and as we move to an increasingly digital world this will continue to increase exponentially. While that provides an enormous array of opportunities to gain meaningful, useful insights that help us to live healthier and more productive lives, that same data also creates a new set of risks that need to be identified and managed appropriately.

We’re acutely aware of this in the healthcare sector, where the need to balance respecting and appropriately managing the privacy of patient information with making sure it is accessible enough to deliver the best possible care has long existed. I’m not saying healthcare operators always get this right, but we certainly understand it as an issue.

As we’ve started to better join the healthcare information dots via the work we’ve been doing at Epic Digital, it’s become increasingly apparent just how significant the benefits are if you can connect up previously siloed information in a useful, meaningful way, while ensuring that the integrity and security of the data sets are maintained.

This experience meant that when we met up with a group of people who’d been working on solving these same kind of problems but on a much larger scale, and for governments none the less, it didn’t take long to identify both the similarities of the challenges and benefits, and the resulting business opportunity which it created.

The people I’m talking about are the team who have already created a number of data management, storage and utilisations businesses, including UKcloud, the fastest growing tech company in the UK which now supports around 35% of the UK Government’s sovereign cloud data.

Assured Digital Group (ADG) is the UK’s leading provider of assured services to the UK Government, and Stuart and I are delighted to announce that we have invested in ADG to support the expansion of their digital services for sovereign nations and industries into the Australian market. I have also joined the ADG Board, and recently attended my first board meeting where I had the opportunity to meet the team from MDS Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of ADG (and another member of the fastest growing UK Tech company list!).

ADG intends to be recognised as one of the world’s most innovative, agile and assured digital services companies. As we prepare to launch AUcloud, with its own goal of becoming the leading provider of high assurance cloud services to the Australian Government and other National Critical Industries, our mission is simple – we want to make digital communities safer.

The digital transformation of our society brings with it a wealth of opportunities, but the safety of people and their information must always be at the forefront. I’m excited to have the chance to work with a group of people who are committed to that same view, and to doing something to try and deliver on that outcome.


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